Dec 18 / 2018
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Vereeni invests in Singular

Vereeni Investments enhance expansion plans with Singular investment

Venture capital fund, Vereeni Investments, has announced an impressive investment deal with Singular, an end-to-end platform and iGaming software solutions provider.

Vereeni Investments has acquired 20% of the firm for an initial offer of €5 million, with the potential for this to increase in over a year based on future performance.

SiGMA iGaming Vereeni invests in Singular
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Singular, Darko Gacov.

Singular’s potential for growth is set to further enhance Vereeni’s catalogue, while Singular will profit from the rich experience within Vereeni’s existing investment structure.

Singular joins Vereeni Investments’ newly launched €100 million tech fund ‘Level Up’, along side a multitude of innovative global early stage ventures within the fintech, media, iGaming, business intelligence, software development, crypto and blockchain industries.

Founding Partner, Vereeni Investments, Timothy John Heath commented, “We’re delighted to partner with and help to further develop Singular. Their approach to continual business development and commitment to being innovators within their field makes them a perfect fit for our diverse investment ecosystem.”

Heath added, “Vereeni Investments has vast experience of investing in up-and-coming opportunities through acquisitions, joint ventures or the development of operations. The venture capital fund strives to accelerate the potential of each investment by utilising the portfolio’s united insights, network and access to strategic capital.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Singular, Darko Gacov remarked, “The partnership has the potential to further expand Singular’s presence, not only geographically, but also in new industry directions. As a result of this partnership we are already looking at three major new clients in different regions that will be powered by Singular’s technology.”

Singular is a software development company that operates in iGaming and FinTech industries, with offices in Malta, UK, Macedonia and Georgia. Singular offers a full range of products in all verticals, including outstanding Gaming Platform, Sportsbook, Poker, Casino Games, Skill games, Retail and Omnichannel solutions.

Vereeni Investments is an early stage venture capital firm focused on fintech, insuretech, gambling, sportsbetting, machine learning & business intelligence, casino software, blockchain, and cryptocurrency verticals. 

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