Aug 15 / 2017
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Vahe Baloulian

Vahe Baloulian is CEO of BetConstruct, a leading global online and land-based gaming and betting technology, software, and services provider.

Vahe is an award-winning industry veteran, results-oriented management specialist named by the Gaming Intelligence as one of the ‘Hot 50’ most innovative and inspiring people in online gaming.

During his long and notable career in the gaming industry, he has been instrumental in helping small and large companies find their footing and became known as a turnaround expert, focused on identifying problems and creating successful and sustainable solutions.

Vahe has served as a Customer Retention Controller and Director of Gaming and Industry Relations at 888, where he, alongside other achievements, established the industry’s first Customer Service Training School. Here Vahe developed a unique time-tested training program for customer-facing specialists in e-gaming sphere, with emphasis on building a profitable relationship with players and finding creative resolutions in any challenging situation.

Joining as an executive consultant and acting as the COO of LVFH Inc., a Canadian public company, which developed unique poker games and was one of the earliest online poker operators, Vahe Baloulian expanded their struggling online poker operation into a successful network, making company profitable for the first time in their history.

As a founder and CEO of Red Planet Gaming, an award-winning technology marketing company, Vahe developed and sold one-of-its-kind solution for owning and operating an online gaming property, including operation, maintenance, staff training and guidance.

Using RPG solutions, Vahe founded California Poker Network, a free to play online poker network of California based casinos and media companies.
CPN helped land-based casinos to acquire new players and provided a very simple and powerful tool to enhance and retain strong relationship with the players after they leave the land-based property.

Vahe Baloulian is a frequent guest speaker and judge at gaming industry events.

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