Apr 22 / 2019
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Tomobox AI Seminar for Responsible Gaming

Pre-summit seminar as part of the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit to be held on May 22nd

Tomobox is launching its second seminar targeted at compliance officers, AML specialists and data scientists at operators.

The seminar will feature renown speaker, AI expert Mr. Baruchi Har-Lev, who will share actual data on how to use artificial intelligence to identify player addiction, fraud and other safety issues and Keynote speaker Mr. Wayne Grixti of the Malta.AI taskforce.

Tomobox Seminar
Tomobox Seminar

Tomobox uses scientific methods based on machine learning, to predict player compliance issues, in real-time. Combining an understanding of language through the analysis of player in-game chats and customer emails with dozens of additional player in-game data points, Tomobox helps agents identify and solve customer issues in seconds, not hours, to keep the player happy and safe.

Says David Sachs, Tomobox CEO: “Player safety is non-negotiable and is now an integral part of gaming operator brand integrity. Identifying player safety issues in real-time, using artificial intelligence, is now a must for being compliant with responsible gaming and AML regulation”.

Seminar registration: https://bit.ly/2ZmJhuR

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