Jan 31 / 2017
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The best and worst of online casinos 2016 from Casinomeister

There is so much going on in the casino industry that it is hard to keep up sometimes. It’s a highly saturated industry with changes and updates happening every day. Most times for the better but like every industry, there is the good, the bad and the ugly.

At Casinomeister, their goal was always to represent the facts of the online casinos and overall gaming industry and to keep it real and well informed to the public. Empowering and protecting the player in their decision making by providing relevant information in this profit driven industry.

Casinomeister is not driven by profit. It is an information-driven business enlightening and protecting online casino players. They cover every aspect of the gaming industry from the player to the affiliate and everything in between.

So when they have their best and worst casino breakdown for the year, everyone pays attention to see if they can learn a thing or two on which casinos are worthy of their time and money.

This year is no different with their results for the casino year 2016 ready to be served. They admitted that last year was very technologically innovative enhancing the player’s experience as well as protecting them.

On the flip side of that good news, however, it seems like 2016 also proved to be “one of the most corrupt years in the industry’s history” with software pirates, casino employees trying to rip off their clients and licencing jurisdictions turning a blind eye towards fraud.

So, in the words of Casinomeister themselves, are you ready for “The only iGaming awards that matter“? This proves to be an interesting award listing. No favouritism or politics here, just the plain truth, told as it is.

They go into detail on each winner and why they were chosen on their website if you are interested in the breakdown but here we give you just a few of the winners from the “Best” list from their well broken down and categorised awards listings. You can access the “Worst” listings and also the review of all the winner. http://www.casinomeister.com/meister_awards/2016/

Are you ready?

Simply the Best

The best and worst of online casinos 2016 from Casinomeister

Casinomeister awards 2016

Best Casino 2016

VideoSlots has repeated their winning streak from last year by taking the “Best Casino 2016” awards home again. According to Casinomeister, they are their top scoring casino from their management, operations, product or player philosophy.

Best casino Group 2016

Taking home the “Best casino Group 2016” was Gaming Innovation Group being called “the epitome of what players deserve as an online casino group.”

Best New Casino 2016

This went to Rizk Casino who were described as innovative and went above and beyond to gain their player’s trust.

Best Customer Service Award 2016

Trada Casino won hands down for their extraordinary awesomeness and organisational skills.

Best Casino Manager 2016

Daniel from VideoSlots won with his untiring effort to appease and please the players of videoSlots.

Best Player Experience Award 2016

This goes to Rizk Casino for their ingenious ideas of flying in players to join them in their day to day office routines and putting them up in 5-star hotels.

Best Gaming Experience Award 2016

VideoSlots took this one home again impressing everyone with their awesome dedication to player experience.

The most awesome screenshot of 2016

And the winner is……..Casino Heros for NetEnt’s Dead or Alive game.

The Best Affiliate Program of 2016

TTRpartners wins this round as the best affiliate program.

The Phoenix Award 2016

As the name implies, The phoenix award goes to “those persons or entities that have arisen from the ashes. In other words, something was broke and they fixed it in a big way.” This year’s Phoenix award goes to BGO Casino.

And there you have it. The best of the best. So when you want to know who to trust and where to play, Casinomeister always has you covered.

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