Apr 6 / 2018
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Swedish Government Approves New Gambling Regulation

Swedish Gambling Regulation to face May vote

In a press release published by the Swedish Government, it is now confirmed that the new Swedish gaming regulation will be sent to Parliament for a vote in May this year.

“Unlicensed operators will be shut out and license holders shall conduct their operations in accordance with the law. We will also, today, assign the Swedish Agency for Public Management to follow up on the reform to be able to quickly adjust the law if the goals of the reform are not met,” says Civil Minister Ardalan Shekarabi.

The new market following the reform will be divided into one competitive sphere for online gaming and betting, one sphere reserved for public purposes and fundraising for civil society organizations, and one sphere for the state monopoly which includes land-based casinos and slot machines.

The proposed law includes a new gaming tax of 18 percent and a number of measures to prevent unlicensed operators from entering the market. First of all, players will be discouraged by being taxed on any gains from gambling on an unlicensed site.

Match-fixing, according to the new law, will turn into a criminal offense. Additional features of the proposed law are that: players cannot be offered bonuses except for when they play for the first time, payment transactions will be blocked for unlicensed operators, and it will also be a criminal offense to promote gaming companies who do not hold a license.

The new law is expected to enter into force on the 1st of January, 2019.

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