May 29 / 2018 makes history with massive payout on cashout bet

Player wins 10 Bitcoin from tennis multiple has joined the ranks of history through its new cashout feature, with a fast payout on a large cashout bet.

The Bitcoin-led sportsbook paid out a 10 Bitcoin prize, the equivalent of which is €65,000. The player picked out a 10-leg tennis multiple, of which the first nine won. The luck-struck player made the savvy call to cashout during the final match with Stan Wawrinka.

Wawrinka then proceeded to lose the match  6-4 6-0. The player is’s biggest ever cashout-winner, with the winnings paid out before the final match had ended. became the first crypto sportsbook to add a cashout feature earlier this year, which enables bettors to lock-in profits, minimise losses and control their wages.

The winner, a tennis fan, said: “This multibet was huge luck as it is never easy to hit 10 games. I bet on it as a joke, and this happened! Thanks to the cashout option I was able to get the money before the last match which was actually losing.”

Director of sportsbook at added: “We’re proud to be able to offer such a first-class fixed offs betting experience, and think it stands testament to our promise of being a fun, fast and fair operator.

The player was right to cashout and we’re certain there will be many more lucky players to come.”

As part of their World Cup 2018 offering,’s ‘Your Road to Glory’ will also feature a range of new features including cashout.

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