Jan 18 / 2018
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SiGMA‘17 Networking Poker Tournament

The Networking Poker Tournament returned to SiGMA for the fourth time

Mike Rudkin – the winner of the tourney

SiGMA 2017 kicked off with some cards and chips moving around tables as it hosted the Networking Poker Tournament again this year.

On the first day of SiGMA delegates gathered at the five-star InterContinental Hotel, St. Julian’s, to pre-register for the event, mingle and enjoy a friendly networking atmosphere — the tournament followed shortly after. It brought poker lovers together for a fun night of drinks, strategy and bluffing.

The card game enjoyed a real enthusiasm from iGaming executives with all 100 seats booked months in advance. Players had a chance to test their luck (and wits) while raising funds. Each participant made a donation of €30 — the Networking Poker Tournament was part of SiGMA’s charitable efforts together with the Malta Gaming Awards and Big Charity Dinner, and raised €3,000.

Mike Rudkin from OddsFactor.com claimed the final victory. “Poker is all about the winning, oh and some good banter,” he says. “At SiGMA, I had a hell of a lot of luck.” Paradoxically, it was the first poker game Rudkin played in a year, which didn’t prevent him from winning the tournament.

“You have to find out the playing mentality of other players at your table to develop a strategy for stealing and folding, and I think I did it quite well.” He went on, “A lot of skills are involved but sometimes you have to rely on just a little bit of luck.”

The Networking Poker Tournament marked itself as one of key networking events of SiGMA’17 — which, in fact, is not a bluff.

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