Oct 14 / 2016
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SiGMA to be the very first gaming conference to host casino streaming live

Here at SiGMA, we love to keep up to date with the latest and greatest trends in the industry. One relatively new and growing movement is the boom in online casino streaming – and we’re delighted to be the very first gaming conference to host casino streaming live from the show. Casino streamers document their gambling adventures to the world via their Twitch and Youtube channels, with viewers enjoying and experiencing every big win, as well as every crushing loss. The streams generate huge followings and viewers interact with the streamer and each other live via the chat room. Streamers work closely and often exclusively with trusted casinos to offer up specials bonuses and rewards to viewers, whilst generating income via affiliation. This newer and exciting form of promoting casinos is proving lucrative for those who do it right, both on the streamer and operator side.

One streamer who is doing just that is 28 year old Swedish slot lover Kim Hultman, from the rapidly growing  LetsGiveItASpin channel. Kim is flying down to Malta for the show next month and we were 3805f12597c19814c1a601ae27dd0b9393d13a038ad51b52adpimgpsh_fullsize_distrlucky enough to catch up with him and gain a further insight into the wonderful world of the casino streamer:

How did it start, how did you get into casino streaming?

I’ve basically been playing poker my entire adult life. At first I didn’t think much of slot machines, but a friend kind of got me hooked when I saw how much potential there was from small deposits –  so I gave it a shot myself and made my first deposit.  I went from 1,000 SEK up to 70,000 SEK on Mega Fortune, without hitting any jackpots, just running extremely hot. I then started playing quite a bit on weekends and when I was bored in school and would often turn small deposits in to tens of thousands and more. My casino streaming career started after winning 85,000 SEK on Kaboo from two 1,000 SEK deposits back in October 2015. My friends thought my reactions were hilarious when winning big and they told me that I should really start streaming my gambling sessions.

How do you select which casinos you work with?

My goal has and always will be to enjoy streaming and that my guys have a good time, which is why I aim to work with the best and most generous casinos in the business. It’s also important for me to be able to offer my players special things, as I’ve been gambling for so long myself and I know what a struggle it can be to find really good casinos that you can trust 100% and that won’t screw you over for making honest mistakes. If a player that was referred by me to a casino would somehow feel cheated, that is my problem as well, which is why working with the best casinos in the market is essential. 

In what ways do you generate income via the channel?

Income is generated from playing with deposit bonuses, receiving donations and making affiliate deals. Deals usually include something on top for my viewers, rather than the generic signup offers, plus they are always eligible for giveaways and extra goodies via the channel. As a gambler myself, I know how much it means to have someone sticking up for you and always trying to make sure you get the best offers possible, which is why I always make sure I include something extra for my players when I stream from new casinos.

How many hours a week do you spend streaming?

My scheduled streams are four days per week, usually 3-4 hours per stream. However, I’m very flexible and fire up more streams than that if I feel like playing. For me the viewers have become family, so if I’m having a party for example and feel like streaming, I just do it and let the guys be a part of it. I want to be as open and transparent as possible, which is why I have no problem letting the viewers in to my life and tell them what’s going on.

In terms of viewers, how many would you say you accumulate over a year?

That’s a tough question, in the beginning there wasn’t very many people watching, but nowadays I average around 1000-1500 viewers at any given moment. Total views on Youtube and Twitch since I started streaming about 11 months ago is a littler over 2 million.

 Is there a strong community aspect to casino twitching?5ec0b885a8d255c482234b90ca2ff5f43614f899bc7d3298b3pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

The streaming community is very strong, there are some regulars that have been with me since day one and still watch every stream. A strong community is one of the main reasons why I still enjoy streaming every day. You meet many regulars, but there are also newcomers showing up every day. As for the community aspect, that’s one of the main reasons we started CasinoGrounds.com, to make the community even stronger. If I can’t help someone out with an issue or a question, there is always someone in the community who can . Not only that, but we also discuss different theories and casinos openly, where everyone is allowed to speak their mind about different subjects.

What do you think makes a good casino streamer?

I think being a good streamer  is simply about being yourself and doing something that you really enjoy, which in my case is hanging out with friends and playing casino games. 

What advice would you give any start up streamers out there?

First and foremost KEEP IT REAL! The viewers will notice if you’re playing with casino credited money (unfortunately  many streamers are) and it really takes the fun away. Even getting casinos to give you deposit bonuses to stream with is a difficult task to begin with. For me it took several months before I started getting some kind of rewards for streaming, but if you hang in there and really enjoy it, the casinos will eventually start chasing you with different deals. If you just see it as a business you will never become a top streamer and people will see right through it and start coming at you. You have to be open and honest with the viewers about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  When it comes down to streaming casino games, bankroll management in particular is something you really need to focus on. I’ve had downswings in excess of 100,000 SEK and those are really painful, even if you know that you’ll always bounce back. In other words, my advice for new streamers is keep it real – have a decent bankroll for streaming and enjoy it!

What’s your biggest ever win?

My biggest win on a single spin is 84,375 SEK on Monopoly Big Event. I had a massive rush on the stream and decided to give it a spin in school, which I’ll never regret.  Watch it here. The biggest win ratio was 41,896 SEK on a 9 SEK spin (almost 4700x). This happened when I was playing a bit before the stream (warming up :D) and accidentally miss-clicked the spin button instead of raising to my usual bet size. It worked out really well and even though it would have been totally insane on a higher stake, I’m very happy with the way it played out.  Watch it here.

What’s your favourite slot?

That’s an even tougher one, but it has to be Mega Joker! It’s one of the few machines where you can actually gain an edge over the casino and over the past year I’ve had some massive sessions and wins on it.

Online casino streaming looks set to grow rapidly in the coming year and should open up huge new opportunities for both affiliates and operators alike. We can’t wait to welcome Kim and his fellow streamers down to Malta next month and are certain that they’re going to put on a great show for everyone on the conference floor – adding yet another exciting and unique aspect to SIGMA 2016.

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