May 3 / 2019

SiGMA opens offices in Manila

SiGMA expands East, with offices in Manila, Hong Kong and Dubai

As part of an ambitious expansion plan SiGMA is heading east and will open offices in Manila this year, with further offices also on the books for Dubai and Hong Kong. As we move further into the second quarter of 2019, Group CEO Eman Pulis will be exploring the immense promise the growing Asian markets have to offer from a permanent base in Dubai.

The regulatory body in the Philippines, PAGCOR, which functions in a similar way to the MGA in Malta, has welcomed the influx of international clients and business SiGMA has introduced to the region. The company aims to take a leading role in bringing Europe closer to Asia and the Philippines have proven the ideal base to make that happen.

sigma igaming SiGMA opens offices in Manila
PAGCOR, functions in a similar way to the MGA.

“We’re going to help put the spotlight on the Philippines, embracing the best of the iGaming community, in the hope that these companies that we bring there will end up setting up offices and getting a licence in the Philippines.  The government in the Philippines, and PAGCOR, seem very, very happy, very excited that we’re bringing the European community closer towards them,” said Group CEO of SiGMA, Eman Pulis.

SiGMA is also aiming to replicate the success of SiGMA Malta and to capitalise on the vociferous interest in the East, with plans to launch another big show in Asia, specifically in Manila, in 2020. The show will also bring more value to SiGMA’s European clients, offering an ideal climate for new international business relationships to flourish.

“There’s a huge interest in Asia, especially in certain markets like India, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan – those are very good converting markets for iGaming.  With that in mind we feel that the Philippines and Manila could potentially replicate what we have achieved in Malta for Europe, so this is the plan for SiGMA moving forward. There’s not going to be just one big show each year, there’s going to be two mega shows per year – one in Europe, one in Asia, six months apart,” said Pulis.

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