Jan 28 / 2015
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Political parties in Malta towing same igaming line

The Leader of the Opposition and the PN Simon Busuttil spoke highly of the strong reputation that Malta built in the gaming sector with good laws that operate as a key factor behind the success of this industry.

The gaming sector was discussed during a visit which the Leader of the Opposition made at the headquarters of the company Maltco in Lija, where he was welcomed by CEO Ioannis Katakis.

Busuttil said that over the years, Malta has managed to build a positive international reputation in the field of gaming. Malta implemented legislation to combat serious illegal betting. In this context, Simon Busuttil talked about the importance of strong legislation, even in the social context.

The Leader of the Opposition went on to elaborate that in recent years, the field of online betting has developed into one of the important sectors for the local economy, attracting a large number of foreign companies.

In this sector, said Simon Busuttil, Malta managed to win against fierce, international competition. This was also due to the ability of workers of Maltese to adapt to the industry needs. He concluded that in the European Union, Malta will continue to defend the online gaming sector to remain a leader in the industry.

Note – similarly, in a recent interview with SiGMA, Betsson CEO Ulrik Bengtsson, whose company employs over 800 people in Malta, argued that the political stability is a determining factor for gaming companies like Betsson.

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