Aug 4 / 2016
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Petition – schedule direct flights from Malaga and/or Gibraltar to Malta

A petition is circulating online, urging major airlines to consider a new route between two major igaming jurisdictions. The petition, specifically says, “Each year, professionals (mainly in iGaming) lose 100s of work hours travelling between Malta and the south of Spain (Malaga) and/or Gibraltar. This often involves very long layovers in foreign airports 1,000 kms away, sometimes flying overnight, not to mention being expensive and massively inconvenient.

We would like Norwegian Air to provide at least 1 scheduled flight per week (2 would be better) between Malaga (AGP) to Malta (MLA), and/or Gibraltar (GIB) to Malta (MLA). This would vastly reduce the wasted time spent travelling between these countries where iGaming is a huge and influential industry, and also increase the profits of Norwegian Air by creating more sales in direct flights.

If you are one of the 1,000s of people who travel often between southern Spain and/or Gibraltar to Malta, and are tired of flying halfway across Europe just to reach Malta, please sign this petition. Doing so will demonstrate to Norwegian Air (or another interested flight operator) that there is a major demand for this route, that once the route is in place it will lead to more flight bookings and eventually a solid direct route linking both major iGaming industry locations.

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