Jan 29 / 2019
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MGA announces new directives for the land-based sector

The MGA Publishes the De Minimis and Gaming Premises Directives

The Malta Gaming Authority has announced two new directives regarding de minimis games and gaming premises due to come into effect at the beginning of February 2019.

The De Minimis Games Directive establishes what qualifies as a de minimis game, which would be exempt from requiring a licence from the MGA.

Malta Gaming Authority

The directive clarifies that a de minimis game needs to satisfy the following criteria:
– It may consist solely in a lottery or raffle-type game, although the MGA reserves the right to decide its classification, if in doubt
– The value of the stake to participate in the game shall not exceed €1
– The value of the prize thereof shall not exceed €100
– The result of the game cannot be based on the outcome of another game.

The directive further states that no more than 10 de minimis games are allowed to be held over the course of one year, and no more than two can be organised in the space of one month.

The Gaming Premises Directive is a longer document, the purpose of which is “to delineate further requirements to which gaming premises must adhere”. It deals with junket gaming, additional premises, gaming tables, counting procedures and several other areas related to the land-based sector.

Both directives are applicable as of 1 February 2019.

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