Jan 4 / 2018
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Land-based vs. Online Casinos: The Ultimate Showdown

Playing in an online or traditional land-based casino?

Since their early beginnings back in the late 90s, online casinos have had an enormous impact on the gambling industry. What is now a $7 billion annual revenue has only been achieved through years of hard work, patience and innovative offers to keep players interested.

Still, there is much debate regarding the pros and cons of playing your favourite casino games online or on the land-based casino floors. This showdown should clear any misconceptions about such practices and ultimately help opposing parties come to a common understanding of each others’ strengths and weaknesses.


There is no denying that online casinos are far more accessible than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. The former can be accessed from computers, smartphones and tablets alike, placing you a few clicks apart from your favourite games. On the other hand, the latter casinos need you to be physically present on the casino floor. In most cases, this will require you to cover additional travel expenses in order to reach the venue, as well as suitable attire to fit the dress code.

The two variants differ in their basic intent – while online casinos aim to be as practical as possible, land-based casinos try to preserve their social function as an overall entertainment center.

Game Selection

You won’t be short of gaming options in either establishment, as both online and land-based casino operators tend to provide the most popular variants. What might make you shift to the digital version is the potential for variability. Namely, online casinos don’t need to renovate an entire building or discard of older or less popular games in order to add 10 more table games to the selection. In addition, most games have different speed of play across the variants — online casinos usually limit your time to make a move, while land-based casinos are much less restrictive.

In this regard, online casino players are at an advantage, since their chosen operator allows them to choose the pace and the game with much greater customization options.

Special Player Benefits

Regular players at land-based gambling venues were accustomed to receiving comps (paid dinners, party entries or hotel stays) for their loyalty to the operator. They kept most players within the brick-and-mortar walls of casinos even during the times when online websites were actively being launched. In an attempt to make up for the lack of comps, these online operators came up with a different version of player benefits known as bonuses. All you had to do is type in the suitable bonus referrer code and enjoy their comps — free spins, play money or gratis tournament entries.


Both online and land-based gambling establishments are highly restrictive in their player traffic in order to ensure legality and transparency. In this sphere, there is a change in places as land-based casinos usually focus their restrictions on the players’ legal age, while their online counterparts are also known to block those trying to access their website from specific geographic regions.

Return-to-Player Percentages

In order to be completely legal and transparent, both types of operators need to be rather explicit about the RTP of each game in their selection. This aspect of the trade is influenced by most of the features mentioned above, as well as some additional ones, such as number of employees, casino maintenance and overall deprecation.

The specific nature of online casinos has allowed them to reduce expenses in such matters, and thus increase the RTP on most games, making their selection much more attractive than the one at land-based venues.

Player Treatment

While most people don’t seem to regard this as decisive factor, a showdown of this extent should definitely include it when rounding things up. For one, player treatment is much more varied in land-based casinos than it is in their online counterparts. The former usually employ special casino floor hosts to entertain the rich and famous, and only occasionally attend to the casual players. On the other hand, there no distinction between players at online platforms, as everyone is treated the same regardless of their gender, wealth, nationality or any other concept. In case the online casino has a VIP program, you could distinguish between players based on their rank solely.


Modern times have brought with it a need to keep things even more private then before, mainly due to the increased criminal activity aimed at disrupting this sphere of everyday life. Casino players dealing with hefty amounts of money on a regular basis are even more concerned with the matter. Land-based casinos normally employ security and surveillance systems throughout the building to guarantee player safety, but the encryption practices and security certificates of online platforms are considered much less invasive, ultimately making them winners in this particular showdown.


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