Nov 21 / 2018
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Kyte Global Hits 50 Countries

Kyte is pleased to announce that it has successfully established a partnership in Japan, making it the 50th country in its portfolio of clients

Alan Alden, Director and co-Founder of Kyte, commented “We started with a humble idea to create an iGaming Consultancy company for a small circle of clients, but with time our clients’ needs made us grow. Now we are an international company providing a wide spectrum of services for the iGaming, Financial and Blockchain industries.”

Alden added, “We have gone global in the past few years and the potential for further expansion keeps growing. The number of international opportunities is huge and today opportunities in markets like Africa, CIS, North America, Australia and Asia are an intrinsic part of our growth strategy.”

SiGMA iGaming Kyte Global Hits 50 Countries
Kyte is launching a new eLearning platform.

This growth also leads to the launch of new services for new and existing clients. In fact, Kyte is launching a new eLearning platform that will include a variety of courses ranging from beginners up to working professionals seeking to understand and comply with industry regulations. Our platform is an open resource for anyone who wants to further his professional development using self-study resources.

Trevor Axiak, co-founder and director concluded, “online education is destined to be a thing of the future and we believe that our clients are benefitting from the latest training courses that are available 24/7 so that their staff can keep up to date with the latest information – delivered in a user-friendly format. With our hectic lifestyle, we don’t have time for commuting to attend or follow traditional courses.

Axiak noted, “Moreover, many courses don’t yet exist or are difficult to find locally. We have personally developed all of the training we are providing as we would like to share our knowledge and experience with those individuals that are keen on further developing their career.  Some of the courses are essential for complying with general standards or regulations, however, others are tailored to introduce different Information Security, Regulatory and Blockchain topics.”

This new eLearning Platform will be launched in the weeks ahead to celebrate our 50th partnership country and we shall be sending a personal promotion code with 50% discount* to those who register for any of the courses that you may wish to use in Quarter One in 2019!

To receive your personal promo code giving you a 50% discount please sign up here.

*this offer is subject to fair usage policy and is available to the first 1,000 unique individuals that register for the training during Quarter One 2019.

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