Sep 17 / 2018
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Joseph Muscat is welcomed by Ganapati

Prime Minister to attend blockchain launch 

The co-CEOS of GanaEight Coin Limited, invited the Prime Minister of the Republic of Malta, Joseph Muscat to their G8C launch. GanaEight Coin Limited is a successful subsidiary holding of renowned industry lead Ganapati group.

The co-CEOs personally requested the Prime Minister’s presence at the launch to introduce him to their share further information about their progress.

Following a successful first meeting in Japan in July, Mr Hayato Terai and Dr Kristina C. Deguar, the two CEOs of the G8C issuing company, sat down with the Prime Minister, this time in Malta, to hand him a personal invitation to their upcoming launch.

SiGMA iGaming
Muscat deems Malta the Blockchain Island.

The G8C Token Launch Party is to be held on the 30th of October at the exclusive Naxxar venue Palazzo Parisio. Similiarly to other blockchain events, this launch is expected to gain significant attention across the island and elsewhere.

Terai and Deguara also updated the Prime Minister on the latest developments of their ICO on the run-up to its launch.

One of the more noteworthy feature’s of the GanaEight Coin Ltd token is that it can be used on its own blockchain to bet and play. It is transmission fee and it’s not necessary to exchange tokens for chips.

Recently, during the company’s talks in Japan, The Prime Minister’s established his full support for the upcoming project. Joseph Muscat welcomed G8C to Malta which is prominent in the industry as the iGaming and blockchain hotspot. Muscat reinforced this  viewpoint by articulating his excitement that the country is quickly becoming the Blockchain Island.

On November 1, Joseph Muscat will feature at the Malta Blockchain Summit  as a keynote speaker.

Ganapati PLC and GanaEight Coin Ltd are developing an online casino platform based on proprietary blockchains that seamlessly combine unique IT technology, finance knowledge, Japanese content, casino experience and knowledge in the online casino industry.

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