Jun 18 / 2018
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Global Gaming confirms Mark Wadsworth as Chief Operations Officer

Mark Wadsworth confirmed as Global Gaming COO

Global Gaming’s Acting CEO, Joacim Möller is pleased to announce that the temporary move of the COO role to Malta from Malmö, where it was held by Möller himself, has officially been converted into a permanent solution.

The current acting COO, Mark Wadsworth, also MD Malta and CPO, was thus confirmed as Group COO, in line with the current reorganisation of Operations within the Global Gaming Group.

“I feel that this is absolutely the right step to take at this time”, says Möller, “Mark’s more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, visionary leadership skills, and his enthusiasm for product-led strategies constitute a solid foundation for Global Gaming’s transition to an operation run from Malta, with him at the helm. He has been instrumental in taking Global Gaming to the next level.”

Mark Wadsworth has been developing digital products for over 20 years and with over 10 years in the gaming space.


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