Aug 22 / 2016
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Game Lounge has secured assets from Interclick Limited

Game Lounge has secured assets from the affiliate company Interclick Limited. Interclick has operated in the UK and German market for the past fourteen years and Game Lounge has now gained access to approximately 40 of their domains and in addition to all their affiliate accounts. This deal comes at a cost of 1.5 million US dollars.

This acquisition will be an important step for Game Lounge as they aim to expand their German and UK markets which at the moment are expanding very quickly. This purchase will also allow them to increase their revenue.

Game Lounge themselves have financed this deal from their own funds. They expect this transaction will increase EBITDA for the company by an overflow of million euros per annum. The reparation is forecasted to be less than eighteen months with these acquired assets to be introduced into the Game Lounge’ business in Malta.

Jonas Cederholm, CEO of Game Lounge, comments:

“We are very pleased to have come to an agreement with Interclick Limited, whom have long extensive experience in the affiliation market. Both the German and UK markets are very large markets, which are still expanding quickly. The acquisition speeds up our strategy and expansion outside of the Nordic region. We expect to see a positive contribution to our business from day one.”

Victor Lerenius, CTO of Game Lounge, comments:

“The acquisition is an important step in our expansion into the core markets in Europe. The acquired domains are strong and will complement our strong Nordic portfolio well. We now have the foundation to continue growing in our new markets following the acquisition and are aiming to take larger market shares. On the whole, as a result of the acquisition we expect yet greater faster total growth of Game Lounge both in the short and long run.”

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