Nov 6 / 2018

Finding success at Kasinokeisarin

SiGMA sits down with Jonas Kyllönen, Key Account Manager at Kasinokeisarin

Can you give some background on this field, how did you get started?

I started back in 2007, in the online poker industry. I used to be an online poker affiliate and got to know the field from that. I never realised the potential in the online casino affiliate industry back then. I thought the main focus would be poker for a long time to come. The media coverage of poker went down when the field got tougher, all the fish disappeared and the poker affiliate industry went down – so I took a few years from the online gaming industry and did some other work.  Through other fields of affiliate business I basically got back to this segment.

I had a lot of contacts in Malta, which I met when I lived back there earlier and basically through that I got to see the potential in online casino, since SEO and casino affiliates are growing at the moment. I basically started hunting for a good partner so we could make a high quality SEO affiliate project. After some searching, I found a very talented SEO-focused analytical partner to work with. My own background is marketing and sales.

We are working very hard to create content that people actually want to read, because many of the current SEO market leaders are producing quite generic content.  We believe that there could be an edge to create content that people actually would bother to read and spend time on our site instead of going for the quickest link.

SEO is getting more intelligent with time, the gimmickry is slowly being phased out. Do you see that as a challenge or an opportunity? It sounds as if you’re gearing your content towards the future.

Yes, we are very aware of what’s going on and we are constantly exploring online casino marketing trends. We are constantly looking for new media to give us power in SEO. Twitch, for example, has huge potential. There is a lot of utilising Youtube, and linking these together to get more power for the SEO. It’s really hard to compete with the oldest players in the market, they have been doing this for over 5 years, and the value of the domain is so high. So we are trying to find newer trends and go there before the old ones get there, and in this way rise higher in the ranks.

So eventually the incumbency advantage of the old guys will slowly fade away, and you’ll be able to compete even with them?

Hopefully we’ll get to that point. Because we won’t be able to compete in the same series with them at the moment, they have so much more content – they have been around so many years so they have the advantage over us with that. Hopefully we can rise faster and maybe within a year or so we can be playing with the bigger players on the market.

You mention that you’re predominantly a marketer. What does that involve for you?

I’m pretty good at creating goods and selling content.  Currently I’m the one recruiting all our subcontractors, negotiating all our deals to ensure we get the best deals on the market. My partner handles the SEO technical side, so I give him the best tools and deals to work with. I’ve been in the affiliate industry for I think 5 years now, so I know what works and what doesn’t work now. I have a good understanding of how players think so I find myself able to communicate to customers very well.

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