Oct 4 / 2016
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Digital Bill in France amended

The ‘Projet de loi pour une République numérique’, also known as the digital bill in France has been amended by the French senate. This amendment gives hope that the French online gaming industry and revenue to follow will be boosted.

This amended act allows the gambling regulator ARJEL the capability of entering into agreements with other European territories in order to establish liquidity for online poker.

Poker players in France were previously only able to play against each other or against other players visiting the region. Now French players are able to join online poker games on licenced sites with the introduction of this new bill to play against players located in other European countries and territories. France will also begin to share revenue with other European nations.

The key amendment reads as follow: “The online gaming regulatory authority may allow an operator holding a license under Article 21 to offer players with a verified account on a site subject to accreditation to participate in circle games as defined in the first paragraph with the players holding an account on a site subject to approval by a member State of the European Union or State party to the agreement on the European Economic Area.”

The bill also goes on to address gambling addiction and measures to fight this issue. eSports will be regulated by the government upon signing.

This amendment plus the gambling amendments is expected to be signed and passed before the end of 2016 by French President François Hollande.



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