Jan 18 / 2018
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Dench eGaming Solutions Partners with Klondaika.lv

Dench eGaming Solutions expands to the Latvian market by agreeing on a deal with Klondaika.lv

Dench partnered with the land-based casino operator Furors, established in 1993, and entered the Latvian regulated online gaming market. The company, which is better known under the brand Klondaika is operating 29 Slot rooms with a total number of approximately 700 slots across the country and full-size casino in the capital city – Riga.

The B2B turnkey gaming platform will supply Klondaika with its Dench Core gaming platform and the fully automated marketing instrument Giselle, with the offering due to go live in April 2018. The partnership will see the oldest players in the Latvian gambling industry promoting its products. Klondaika will be extending its brand presence over the net, keeping the same playful marketing approach and delivering bespoke user experience.

Dench’s Chief Executive Dobromir Mitev commented, “This agreement is strategically important as it represents a validation of Dench‘s commitment to keeping its focus on regulated gaming markets and supports the investments we are making in our infrastructure to become multi-market compliant platform provider.

“With this agreement we have also reached our goal of signing three agreements by the end of 2017, and position Dench as B2B gaming platform to watch in 2018,” Dobromir added.

For more than two decades, Klondaika has delivered a superior service through their network which exceeds 30 gaming halls. With its choice of Dench eGaming Solutions as its platform provider, Klondaika demonstrated its desire to bring something completely different to the Latvian market  in terms of real-time bonus campaigns and deeply integrated engagement technics.

“We are happy that we decided to cooperate with Dench. In the research process, we evaluated Dench and their automated retention instrument Giselle as the best choice to re-create our brand digitally. We consider that through our local knowledge in a combination with their innovative technology will be reinventing the way players interact with our brand,” Klondaika Online Director Krisjanis Kravis said.

“Although the Latvian market gets more competitive every year, entering last on the scene might turn to be good opportunity to prove we could be soon on the front rows,” Kravis explained. “We are looking forward to the launch as I believe we have made a sure bet with Dench’s suite of products .”

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