Feb 21 / 2019
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CRM – current challenges in iGaming

Shireen Haddadeen, Global Gaming’s Head of CRM, looks at the key trends influencing CRM in 2019

I believe data aggregation is still one of the greatest challenges that 2019 will highlight. The struggle for a single source of truth running at the heart of emerging tech innovations vs meeting regulation and compliance is no mean feat.

2018 saw the iGaming market flourish with Pay N Play operators and, like most companies, the obvious challenge to overcome is aggregating all this data to use it effectively, often sitting across multiple platforms.

Swedish regulation, which took effect from the 1st of January this year,has changed the way online gambling looks and feels to provide a regulated, safe, and compliant environment for customers.

A key trend to look out for within CRM activity in this market will be the attention to detail in improved quality and overall customer experience. A regulated market will see a fierce competition in the desire for better customer experiences and customer journeys.All I can say from Global Gaming on this one is to watch this space. The old model of silo working relationships will evolve to be more holistic, joined up internally, to reflect and mirror the anticipated continuous customer journey operators strive to deliver to enhance the CLV.

AI is not a threat in CRM

Automated and transactional campaigns have been around for some time in CRM, so a lot of the psychological groundwork in preparation for AI to run parallel with people and ideas is already in place.

AI within CRM is moving from basic levels of personalisation and optimisation to a more granular level of microsegmentation. Now is the time where AI executed in CRM can breakdown the initial touchpoints of life cycle management, product optimisations, upsells, xsells etc, and leverage customer journeys to give the ideal 1-1 personalised customer journey.

“Swedish regulation has changed the way online gambling looks and feels.”

Internal collaboration in Global Gaming has our Head of Retention, Steve DeGiorgio, and myself working closely alongside development and data teams to visualise our long-term goal of customer success at Global Gaming. A snapshot view of what that looks like includes preparing for the ability to deliver AI-triggered campaigns for Sportsbook as well as Casino.

AI triggered campaigns that cater for price fluctuations, over or under preference to bet on, triggered upselling, xselling betting behaviour by finding similar betting patterns to enhance bets placed within preferred sport/casino game to bet on, and nurtured CLTV bespoke to acquisition source by channel, referrer ID/affiliate with custom life cycle journeys to leverage the optimum value based on their initial betting behaviour and acquisition data. These are just a few examples of AI campaigns that we believe will enhance our CRM activities.

I strongly believe the hiring process too will be influenced by AI in a positive manner. The hiring process will reflect changes to single out specialised skills in emotional intelligence, and the creative ability to express thoughts and ideas harmoniously.

The CRM Team

How to build a CRM team in 2019 is a very good question considering the constant change of business priorities, largely dependent on external variable factors such as regulation and emerging technologies.

New technology and the use of AI will, in the long run, impact headcount, which will add value back to the business in terms of cost savings. As mentioned earlier, CRM has long been preparing for this transition from an operational perspective with the day-to-day management of often repetitive mundane tasks.

With manual operations automated, this creates space within an organisation for the CRM team to work intuitively on creative ideas and concepts,with the agility needed to meet fluctuating goals quarter to quarter, on a monthly actionable basis.

Individuals will no longer be needing to work on often urgent and unimportant tasks, mindlessly multi-tasking, but instead deliver their work with clear purpose and value.

Naturally, I believe this kind of work environment will attract creative individuals and original thinkers.

The CRM team of the future will be made up of articulate and emotionally intelligent individuals hosting skills that share experience or background studies in psychology, economics,liberal arts, and social sciences. Here’s to another exciting year ahead for CRM in 2019.

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