Dec 13 / 2018
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CRM and Customer Service  – What’s in it for you?

Global Gaming’s Head of CRM, Shireen Haddadeen shares her expertise on the subject

Customer Service: your new CRM talent acquisition pool

Customer Service is and has always been part of your talent acquisition pool. Often overlooked by many businesses, it should be the first place every company should be checking to see if there’s some enthusiastic talent worth investing in. Think of it this way: by overlooking these enthused front line workers of your company/brand, you’ve just potentially trained your competitors’ newest member to the CRM, or any other part of their business’s team.

How can we optimise this talent recognising experience to make our teams better equipped? Well, for one, we could start recognising these individuals. They are, after all, the ultimate brand ambassadors. It is the experience that a customer has with an enterprise’s customer service that makes or breaks that highly sought-after good impression that drives our profit margins and keeps customers returning.

The iGaming industry does well to recognise talent within suppliers and operators at a senior and company level but fails to personalise this to the future talent execs who are today working as Customer Support Agents. Operational costs don’t just impact your bottom line monthly outgoings,imagine what incremental value you can be attracting with the right people in the right places.

Customer Service feedback + CRM = Holistic Strategy

The benefits of a holistic CRM strategy are that it falls into line with the highly familiar agile workflow concept. To drive this strategy across the business, good working relationships are fundamental. An empathetic approach to understanding and knowing the frustrations linked to highs and lows in each part of the business that comes together to collaborate for CRM activities is crucial.

When it comes to holistic CRM strategies, no department is more important to the CRM vision than Customer Service. Customer Service, as already mentioned, are the front line of your business, so their feedback of raw data is influential to the business once categorised effectively. A closed loop information-sharing process that categorises the details of customer feedback with tags is the holy grail of CRM.

CRM can bridge the gap fixing customer experiences right now through managing customer expectations with optimised CRM activity, and at the same time work with product teams to innovate. This then creates an effective business solution to meet both short- and long-term goals.

AI: ready or not, here it comes

AI is on its way and will be here to stay in the day-to-day activities of CRM and Customer Service, and eventually with many other parts of the business. Much of the hype has been around how AI will negatively impact the workforce of CRM and Customer Service. On the contrary, this is opening a new opportunity to streamline your business activities, adding more value to that ecosystem and everyone in it.

AI dedicates its focus to accuracy, optimisation, effectiveness, efficiency, and increased productivity. This not only enables machine learning to optimise repetitive task management, but it does so to the very best outcome that’s available. This in turn gives the business back incremental value, creating extra time to prioritise innovative ways of working and delivering whilst consistently improving the customer experience.

AI task management in place gives Customer Service Agents more quality time to dedicate to each customer in their care. This is just one example in one department.It’s exciting times for employees, businesses and, most of all, customers. Customer Experience is on a journey to new heights and every individual, no matter what your day job is, is a customer in that chain.

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