Feb 19 / 2019
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Dutch Senate votes in favour of Remote Gambling Act

Remote Gambling Act opens online gambling up to Dutch and foreign firms

The Dutch Senate has voted in support of the Remote Gambling Act. The Act was officially accepted by the Senate with a majority vote of 44 out of 75. The new act clears the way for foreign and local firms to apply for licences.

The long-awaited result comes after the legislation went before the Lower House 2 years ago, after it was approved by the House of Representatives back in 2014. Some 300 companies have since expressed an interest in running a gambling website in the Netherlands and about 50 will likely make a formal request for a licence next year.

The 2 Christian parties in the ruling coalition voted against the legislation, claiming that allowing more companies to offer online betting would like to problems with addiction.

The bill faced severe criticism in early February with supporters fearing the vote would end in rejection, thus facing another round through the lower house. An unusual demand for a written reply to a series of questions was also made to Minister for Legal Protection, Sander Dekker, whose replies satisfied the Senate before their vote today. The questions included a request for an exact definition of ‘illegal operator’ and whether any operator tagged with this scarlet letter can be legally excluded from participating in the newly regulated online market.

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