Jun 27 / 2016
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Bitcoin Sportsbook Sees Strong Start to Euro16

Sportsbet.io, an online Bitcoin sportsbook operator, has enjoyed a good start to Euro 2016 following its launch earlier in June.

During the first two weeks of the tournament, the operator has seen its average daily stakes increase by over 20%. Among Bitcoin players, France has proven to be the most popular country to back, accounting for a total of 37% of Bitcoin bets, followed by England with 23% and Portugal with 17%.

More than half of all total bets placed on Sportsbet.io have come through the mobile channel, with 45% on smart-phones and 7% on tablet devices.

Having already handed out 36,000 mBTC (€22,000) worth of prizes via pre-signup raffles as well as daily draws, Sportsbet.io has shown to be quick in rewarding its users for their loyalty. Following a draw on the Sportsbet.io YouTube channel, one particular lucky user also won two tickets to the European Championship final, which will be taking place in Paris, with flights and accommodation included.

Points were awarded to users based on their winning group stage bets, with each 100 mBTC (€60) profit earning the player 100 points towards their total score. Another leaderboard challenge has been set up to reward the most successful punters during the knockout stages.

Joe Jordan, spokesperson at Sportsbet.io, said: “Our focus is to offer great odds and promotions, as demonstrated by our competition to win tickets to the Euro 2016 final, semi-final and free bitcoins. This summer’s European Championship action has been really exciting so far and there is still a lot more to come, both on the pitch and on Sportsbet.io.”

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