Nov 2 / 2017
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Better Collective Expands into Romanian Affiliate Market

Better collective, a developer of platforms for the gaming sector, has joined the Romanian market

Better Collective has furthered its European expansion plans by obtaining a Romanian affiliate licence and purchasing a sports betting affiliate PariuriX.

With Better Collective’s long-term acquisition strategy laying focus on expansion into regulated markets, the current success that the Romanian market has was a perfect opportunity for Better Collective to act, and has led to them obtaining a Romanian affiliate license.

PariuriX is focusing on sports betting. Founded in 2006, it has grown to become the leaders within the gambling industry in Romania, and has developed a strong customer base in Romania.

In a statement announcing the licensing and acquisition Michal Kopec, Head of M&A at Better Collective said,  “With the acquisition of PariuriX, Better Collective immediately becomes a leading sports betting affiliate in Romania. Adding another regulated market to the portfolio of the company is an important strategic step.

“We are very happy that we are taking over a well established and recognized brand. The previous owner, Marius Cădar, has done a great job in developing PariuriX, and Better Collective will now use all available resources to drive this product and brand forward.”

Marius Cădar, Owner & Founder of PariuriX commented, «I started PariuriX more than 10 years ago as I wanted to build a community of professional punters that would work together to choose the best bets we can place daily.»

“Over the years we managed to create a team of knowledgeable tipsters with a strong reputation. We now have an intricate knowledge base, which includes posts about betting, casino, and poker. Our forum offers the best support for punters,” he added.

“I’m proud of all the things we managed to achieve and I am happy to hand the baton over to Better Collective. I trust that they can grow the platform even further, while still maintaining it’s core values.”


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