Jan 5 / 2017
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Bet365 introduces new ‘Edit Bet’ feature

In a move to boost their market choices, Bet365, the independent online bookmaker has launched a new feature in their system called the ‘Edit Bet’ function. This will enable customers to ‘add, swap and remove selections’ from their wagers during both in-play and pre-match markets.

Once the ‘Cash-Out’ is live, the Edit Bet feature will be visible within the bookmaker’s betslip functionality. This will allow Bet365 customers the option to change their bets as they choose.

Bet365 announced that this new Edit Bet feature can be used strategically by customers to ‘swap or enhance selections’ for single wages as well as ‘unsettle straight accumulators’. All of this can be done before matches have started or even while they are in play.

Customers that take advantage of the Edit Bet feature will receive a new betslip to the value of Bet365’s Cash-Out price upon activation which will reflect live market/game odds.

This new feature has been released within their sports betting product as they continue to focus on in-house developments in an attempt to distinguish themselves in the crowded online betting market.

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