Jun 21 / 2018
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Bede announces appointment of Alex Butcher as Managing Director

Former CTO appointed as MD

Bede Gaming has announced the recruitment of Alex Butcher as its new Managing Director. Butcher retains a significant amount of executive experience as well as a proven track record of scaling software businesses.

Alex will now maintain control of the leadership team at Bede and will be charged with the development and growth of the business and the team. His strategy is said to cultivate an open culture and use Bede’s values to drive innovation.

This change at the senior level of Bede occurred as co-founders Michael Brady and Dan Smyth take on more strategic roles at board level. This is following the sale of Intellectual Property & Software Ltd and Rocket X (formerly known as Rocket 9).

Michael Brady, Founder of Bede, said: “We’re absolutely delighted that Alex has accepted this position. His laser-like focus and experience in the industry make him the ideal person for the role. We are confident that he will lead Bede into its next stage of growth with clarity and integrity. We are looking forward to working closely with him to ensure Bede’s global transformation.”

Alex added: “Bede’s initial growth phase, where we built the team into a 160 strong workforce and conducted the largest migration in the history of the industry, has provided a firm foundation for growth. Our products and team are tried and tested, forging great potential for expansion into new markets. My primary concern will be to ensure we preserve the fantastic culture that lies at the heart of what makes Bede unique.”

Alex, formerly the company’s CTO, is also a founder of Bede. He brings a new factor to the position of MD, focusing on software security as fundamental to Bede’s success in the future. He also strongly advocates for responsible gaming and has made it an objective to ensure that these principles run through all aspects of Bede’s technology, values and culture.

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