Jun 22 / 2018

An interview with Anders Bergman

Anders Bergman sits down with SiGMA to discuss what lies ahead for CasinoVal

CasinoVal is a young start-up casino which dares to be a little different. Alongside a colourful range of games, it aims to create a solid and trustworthy guide to Sweden’s casinos. Anders Bergman, brother to industry fixture Erik Bergman, sheds a little light on what the future holds and the challenges they’ve navigated so far.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a start-up?

The biggest challenge with a start-up is that we have limited resources. Some companies in this business make a tremendous amount of money – I need to compete with that, which means I need to do things a lot differently. Putting in good hours and finding your own little niche in the market is key. Our company employees are currently spread over 7 countries, so it’s been a challenge to coordinate working remotely. Skype is a great tool – it would not be possible without it.

What’s trending for the Swedish market in 2018?

What we can see in the Swedish markets is that up-and-coming casinos are offering free spins that don’t have any pre-pay requirements. There are casinos that offer you the opportunity to play without a real account and I find that to be an interesting trend. Making it as easy as possible for customers to play and get their money out is a way of giving freedom to the customer – something most casinos are trying to take away. I don’t think it’s the most profitable step for casinos, but for the customers who I actually represent, it’s a good trend.

I find eSports to be a fascinating market. It’s not big enough for us yet, but it will definitely grow in the future. People want to bet on what they’re interested in. The younger generation is definitely more into eSports – even if it’s not a big concept right now, it will be in the future.

Working in the Swedish market, knowing that it’s a highly competitive market is also fun; you know that if you’re good in that market you’ll have a good chance to take on other markets later. It’s a great market to learn on as well.

Has your older brother (Erik Bergman), today a renowned brand in the industry, been influential?

Yes, he’s been my role model. Perhaps it has previously been the other way round, but I have looked at what he has done and tried to copy as much as possible. He’s been a good inspiration; he was also the one who recommended the industry to me.

What advantages does the mobile casino platform offer?

I believe mobile casinos are essential in today’s society. If we take the Swedish market – the penetration of mobile casino is up 60%. It is, however, still much lower than in markets that aren’t so developed – where people’s first computer is their cell phone. It’s essential for any successful casino today to have a good mobile casino. I would say about 50% of our mobile base is represented through mobile gaming.

Are you exploring any markets outside Europe? Asia and South America seem to be brewing in activity yet their affiliate business is still miles away from European methods.

We are looking into opportunities outside of Europe – the US is opening up and we also have an interest in English speaking countries like Canada, South Africa and Australia. Despite Australia’s restriction on gambling, it is still a market that interests us. We haven’t looked into South America as much, as the language barrier is a little trickier for us to navigate – especially as a small company.

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