Feb 12 / 2018
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30,000 Foreigners to Join Maltese Workforce as iGaming Flourishes

Number of foreign employees in Malta expected to increase

Only 25% of the roughly 10,000 new jobs created in Malta yearly go to Maltese nationals, according to economist and JobsPlus chairperson Clyde Caruana. In an interview published today by the Malta Independent, Caruana gives an overview of the Maltese employment landscape, and the influence of the iGaming sector.

At the current rate, the island could be looking at 28,000-30,000 additional foreign workers within three years. According to Caruana employment of foreign nationals in such quantities is essential to maintain the level of growth required for economic development.

JobsPlus is currently pursuing employing third country nationals and only this week emails are being sent to European non-EU countries seeking to attract employees to Malta.

Caruana seemed unfazed by recent news of redundancies at a leading iGaming firm, stressing that such developments are not out of the ordinary in the industry. He made it clear that if the entirety of the industry had to relocate, the effects would be more harshly felt.

“If, hypothetically, all iGaming companies decided to all just lock up and leave, then yes. That would leave prominent effects, and it is important not to put all our eggs in the same basket. In the past iGaming took up 4 per cent, today it takes up 12 per cent of our GDP which is quite a sizeable number,” Caruana explains. “Companies now and then will make some of their employees redundant for various reasons. But if we had to look at the sector as a whole the number of employees are still going up, so it does not mean that if there some redundancies this is a symptom which is the norm for all”.


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