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SiGMAnews online paid media can help you tell your story and share it across one of the most subscribed networks in the global iGaming sector to more than 60,000 recipients.  Please contact pr@sigma.com.mt for any enquiries or visit the sponsor and exhibit page on our website for more information.

Here’s more details on what we offer:

Sponsored lead feature

Sponsored Lead Feature

Choose the sponsored lead feature to put your brand messaging front and centre on the SiGMAnews site.  You’ll occupy our full-width parallax feature slot just below our Daily Briefing section on the homepage, giving you high visibility for a minimum of two weeks, and with up to 2500 words inside the post itself.

We’ll include a professional photoshoot to ensure you’ve got eye-catching imagery to go with your content (free for all but with travel costs for clients outside Malta), and you’ll benefit from a sponsored social media post on Facebook on any of our other channels that you may prefer.

The sponsored lead feature costs €1500+VAT for a two week period


Profile piece / featured article

Profile piece / feature article

Positioned just below the lead feature on the homepage, this is another great place to get audience views for your latest announcement, company profile, c-level introduction, or whatever you might what to shout about!

Occupying the hero profile slot (as you’ll see in the image on the right), your article will be highly visible for a minimum of two weeks, before moving over to one of the two smaller profile slots next to  the hero slot.  It will remain available on the website for all time, discoverable via the editorial sections, as well as the search function.

With 2500 words inside the post itself, and space for several images of your choice, the profile piece / featured article is a great option for any number of brand messaging content pieces.

The profile piece / featured article costs €900+VAT for a two week period
(photography is an additional cost)


Featured video / company profile video

Video content feature

Our talented video production team now offer professionally produced short-form video features to highlight the subject of your choice.  Video content could be an interview with your CEO, a look around your new offices, a motion graphics piece to engage our audience about your products and services, or whatever video story you want to tell.

We suggest a video edit of between 90secs and 2mins to keep the audience engaged and watching, but if you want it longer, we can deliver video content up to five minutes long.

We’ll travel to your location with all our equipment and lighting for the video shoot along with a storyboard of what we think the video should cover.   We’re also happy to visit your location ahead of the shooting schedule to check out the opportunities and see where we would like to film.

The video will stay in the featured video slot for a minimum of two weeks, after which is will move down to the carousel, before taking a permanent position on our YouTube channel.  We can also provide you with the video (minus the SiGMA branding) for you to use however you want following the two week featured placement

The featured video / company profile video starts at €3500+VAT for a two week period
(travel costs abroad would be extra) 


Featured news placement

Featured News

Highlight your most important news releases with a featured spot at the top of SiGMA’s editorial news site. The post will enjoy two weeks guaranteed placement.   This option is for highlighting press releases of up to 500 words, and can be combined with our social media boost for an additional €250 to spread the news across our social channels too.

There are four slots for featured news, and they will change regularly as one two week appearance finishes and makes way for another brand to take the spotlight.

The featured news placement costs €250+VAT for a two week period


Banner advertising options

Banner adverts

Our new SiGMAnews.mt news site includes a number of banner advertising opportunities:

  • Two large MPUs at the top of the page on either side (200 x 560px)
    • €1000 per banner / per month
  • One central banner (on a rotation of 4) located directly beneath the Daily Briefing and Featured Video (980 x 120px)
    • €750 per banner / per month
  • Two further MPUs midway down the SiGMAnews homepage (200 x 360px)
    • €500 per banner / per month
  • Two prominent MPUs on either side of every single news post (200 x 560px)
    • €1000 per banner / per month
  • One banner advert placed at the top of every category page (410 x 140px)
    • €1000 per banner / per month
  • Two prominent MPUs on either side of every category page (200 x 560px)
    • €1000 per banner / per month

Get in touch with pr@sigma.com.mt directly to discuss pricing and which banner placement suits your brand’s requirements best.

Banner adverts are for one month duration unless otherwise agreed.

Prices for banner advertising as above


Social media news boost

The social media news boost can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with any of our other paid media opportunities that do not already include a sponsored social media element by default.

We can boost your post on SiGMA’s Facebook channel, but if you’re interested to include our other social audiences too, then we’re happy to discuss options.

The social media news boost costs €250+VAT


Home page peel

Home page peel

The home page peel ad gives prominent exposure on the main SiGMA homepage (www.sigma.com.mt), attracting our huge iGaming audience that visits our website to book events activity, catch up on the latest news, and post careers opportunities for the iGaming sector. Make an impact with delegates before they even arrive at the show – you can’t miss this advert on the front page, which is why it’s incredibly popular as a key banner opportunity.

This opportunity lasts for one month at a time, but prices may become more expensive around our show dates due to high demand.   To avoid disappointment and get a discounted rate for the high traffic periods, it’s advised to book early and lock in the opportunity to reach thousands of key iGaming indivuduals.

The home page peel costs €4000+VAT


Dedicated email campaign

SiGMA has a dedicated list of over 60,000 attendees and subscribers. Using permission email data, a dedicated email campaign can be sent to our qualified gaming leads.  The content of the email campaign is up to you, following our design guidelines only, to keep everything stamped with the SiGMA seal of quality and trust.

We’ll provide a report on the reach of your campaign after it’s concluded and it’s an ideal way to get your messaging guaranteed to drop in front of an iGaming audience right there in their inbox!

The dedicated email campaign costs €2000+VAT


Semi-dedicated email campaign

Semi-dedicated campaign

Similar to the dedicated email campaign in terms of reaching our list of over 60,000 attendees and subscribers, using permission data to reach qualified gaming leads, the “Semi-dedicated” email campaign is a smaller opportunity where your logo and company description will be included at the bottom of the SiGMA newsletter, including a link to a press release published on our website.

The semi-dedicated email campaign costs €750+VAT


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