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sigma igaming Come for SiGMA, Stay for Malta

Enjoy the various activities of the Mediterranean paradise Malta – packed with a remarkable history, a breathtaking seaside and home to many iGaming companies

The Summit of iGaming in Malta or SiGMA will open October 2018.  Whether you are a South African online casino operator, affiliate, game developer, or otherwise connected to iGaming, this summit is a must.  In addition, there is a lot to do on a visit to Malta!

The most popular sites for tourists, aside from the beautiful beaches – which may be good for a sunset walk, but less welcoming for a dip in February – are the historical sites. They reflect Malta ’s history as a strategic set of islands centrally located in the Mediterranean.  Both the British and French-ruled Malta, as did the Romans in their day.  The Moors controlled the islands for a short period and the islands were ruled alternatively by knights during the Crusades.

Take a Cruise

Malta is also a popular destination stop for Mediterranean cruises.  A one-day excursion may take travelers to the Saflieni Hypogeum, which is a fancy Latin name for a massive underground network of rooms and burial sites.

Look up for birds

Malta is a major fly-over site for migratory birds.  A few hundred species of birds fly over the islands every year.  Unfortunately, February is a bit early for the next migration

but, if you’re lucky, the weather will have been warm in Europe and the birds might start flying north a month early.

Nature Loves Malta

The Ghadira Nature Preserve may offer some good bird-watching but it also features many other exotic animal species.

Beautiful Churches

If you’re of a church-going mind, you might enjoy Sunday Mass in one of the many magnificent churches on the islands.  The Maltese are far more religious than mainland Europeans and church attendance is still high.  Even if you prefer not to attend Sunday Mass, we recommend a tour of St. John’scathedral.  There are two wonderful paintings by Caravaggio on display in the cathedral.


Wine has recently become much appreciated by the people of Malta.  Tourists can enjoy many different wines at the many wine bars that have popped up in the last few years.

Walking Tours

One of the best ways to see Malta is through a walking tour. Private tours are quite expensive but group tours are reasonably priced and just as good.  You can get a group tour of many locales on the islands.  You’ll be tempted to take a full day or half day tour but the summit is the reason you ’re in Malta so take one of the shorter tours.  You won’t be disappointed.

Heritage Trails

The best known is the Xemxija Heritage Trail.  It boasts caves and catacombs amongst other attractions.  A clear day in February is just about the best time of the year to explore this trail.  It’s a difficult walk at times with some steeps climbs but you can always go in as far as you can and turn around.


The immortal movie The Maltese Falcon (which was based on an equally great book of the same name) is so named because falconry has long been a major part of Maltese culture.  The Malta Falconry Centre is the most accessible to most locations on the island.  The guides offer excellent tours.  This is another perfect short activity you can do whilst keeping your close attention on the summit.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in addition to being the leading certifying agency of your favourite online casino, Malta also has many land based casinos.


If you can arrive a day early, or stay a day longer, we strongly recommend a trip to Mdina.  This is a walled city that dates back, some say, as many as 4000 years ago.  Legend has it that St. Paul lived here.  The catacombs are named after him and are well worth a visit.  There are numerous museums in the church buildings and palaces.  You’ll need at least a full day to properly explore this ancient city.Over the generations, the nobility of each ruling family lived here so the silent streets are lined with historical memories such as several palaces.  Every building in Mdina has historical significance.

Malta, the Underappreciated Destination

We feel strongly that after you visit Malta for SiGMA, you’ll want to come back for everything that Malta has to offer and that you didn’t have time to see or do.