Across the Atlantic – Leadstar Media establish U.S presence with UnitedGamblers.com

The ever growing Leadstar Media continues to produce new websites for comparing betting sites. Both on new and old markets. The latest big launch is that of their US flagship, UnitedGamblers.com. UnitedGamblers is a comparison site for both sports betting- and casino sites and will be covering all American states as one after the other legalise online gambling.

Since the spring of 2018, when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was overturned by the Supreme court, nine states have legalised online gambling in one form or another.


Based on the size of the United States, the market is expected to become the world’s biggest in a few years time, and bookmakers have already started the arms race.

With new markets follow old affiliation companies, with the primary goal of leading customers to operators. Swedish Leadstar Media is one, and have now launched their first, and primary US site, UnitedGamblers.com. And more are in the pipeline.

The Leadstar Media portfolio has exploded in the past couple of years. From only nine websites on five markets at the end of 2017, to almost 30 websites in 11 markets now.

What has been the reason for this fast expansion? SiGMAnews had the possibility to ask COO and Co-founder Oscar Carlsson a few questions.

Hey Oscar, how have the past two years been? And how does it feel to enter the American market?

OC: It has really been two fantastic years for us as a company. It is almost hard to imagine a time when we were only us three founders. Even though it was quite recent. To come to the office and see more than 20 hungry employees every day is nothing short of amazing.

Regarding the American market, it is very interesting of course. So it feels very nice to have built a really good website, which gives us a lot of potential.

Nevertheless, the American market will be a challenge. No one knows exactly how it will play out, and if it will be possible to regard the US as a whole, or if everything has to happen on a state-by-state basis.

However, we are prepared for whatever comes our way, and our previous projects has shown that we can adapt to new situations very quickly.

Talking about previous projects. As the COO, how hard has it been to handle as many websites and projects?

OC: Really putting everything into each and every project is something that triggers me. However, as the company grows and the projects become many, there will be a lot of organisational changes. The most important fact in such an expansion is that the management can trust the project leaders with a lot of responsibility.

But as we are trying to always be a learning and teaching company, new hires can often get into our way of working in a short period of time, and get a lot of responsibility for specific products and tasks.

We like all our project leaders to have an entrepreneurial mindset and make their projects their own.

Finally, what is the next step for Leadstar Medias portfolio? Can you continue to grow?

OC: We are always ready for new markets to try, as we know that we can produce great websites, no matter the geographical profile. At the moment, we are rebuilding our Spanish site Miscasasdeapuestas.com to become an international site for Spanish-speaking countries.

So, yes, we can continue to grow. If we get the right feeling and find a good fit for a project leader position, we are not afraid to go for any market.

Sounds exciting, thanks for the quick chat!

OC: It was my pleasure, thank you.

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