Alpha Boot Camp

LatAm Operator? Claim Seat

The organisers behind SiGMA are bringing the most advanced suppliers from Europe to Buenos Aires to meet with LatAm operators from all over South America. We’re taking our first edition of Alpha Boot Camp to Buenos Aires – 150 quality operators and nine suppliers will come together for an all-inclusive tour de force.

Why ABC?

  1. CONFERENCE: We are carefully carving out a number of topics that will interest each and every LatAm operator in the room. We’re not talking about a sales-oriented snooze. We’re talking about quality, engaging content to entice LatAm operators to engage more with European suppliers for online gaming.
  2. ENTERTAINMENT: We’re sparing no expense and getting the balance between work and play just right. Have no doubt: this intimate setting will pave the way for some solid business relationships to flourish.
  3. LATAM: It’s the most buzzing gambling market at the moment and the online growth shows no sign of slowing.

Are you an operator from LatAm? Register today!

Are you an operator?

The next destination has been confirmed, and you can register on our site to be eligible to fly with us. Strict due diligence applies. We can only pick the best 150.

Alternatively, speak to any of the hosts.

Enjoy making money with our very first run of Alpha Boot Camp in Buenos Aires!